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roasting style

I'm currently focusing on light-medium roast levels, single-origin coffees, and packaging whole bean. I aim to provide high-quality coffees roasted to bring out sweetness and balanced acidity. Delicate, complex, bright, juicy coffees are my jam.

I roast coffee according to my personal preference. While I understand people in this area generally prefer darker roasts, my goal is to reach those who already have a taste for lightly roasted specialty coffee, or who are curious about it. I didn't enjoy light roasts at first, but as I explored more and more I found that really good quality coffee has incredible flavor that can be flattened or destroyed with darker roasts. For me, coffee is not really a dessert or a means to an end, it's more of a delicacy. I see it as my job to preserve and express the inherent quality of the coffee I've chosen to roast; basically to roast each coffee to its "sweet spot." Coffee that is grown under ideal conditions, processed and handled with care, roasted with attention and intention, and brewed with proper parameters can be sweet, complex, rich, and creamy all on its own. The joy of roasting is in guiding the coffee along to its unique flavor profile while maximizing sweetness and pleasant acidity.

My roasting schedule is usually Mondays and Thursdays or Fridays and I send out orders every other day. Orders placed before Friday at 9am are generally able to be fulfilled before the weekend.